The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church offers a comprehensive training course for vergers: "A Course of Training for a Verger." The course enriches the development of a verger with information about the roles, responsibilities, interpersonal relationships, and practical aspects of being a verger. By design, the course is a "working" course rather than a "reading" document. The course is a self-study program taken in conjunction with your clergy. Your clergy (preferably your Rector, Vicar, or Priest-in-Charge) serves as your mentor throughout the course. Your Rector, Vicar, or Priest-in-Charge recommends your enrollment in the course and will certify that you have successfully completed the course. An individual can be a fully qualified verger without going through the VGEC training course. The course supplements local tradition and learning experiences that are part of your congregational life. The course is a valuable addition to the on the job training you will receive about the verger ministry. During this course you will explore such areas as your building and congregation history, liturgy, the BCP, vestments (clergy, lay, and verger), virges and beadles, aspects of the history and ministry of the verger, and more. The process of going through the training course typically requires about nine months to complete. The more energy you put into the course, the more you will get out of it. Some individuals have completed the course in a shorter time and others have taken years to complete. You should take the time you need to get the most from your study.

When you complete the training course, you will become a "Fellow of the Vergers Guild" and you will be recognized and awarded a certificate of completion at the next Annual Conference of the Guild. You will also be eligible to purchase a distinctive "Fellow's Virge" from the Vergers Guild Shop.

Purchasing the Training Course

The cost of the course is $65. This covers course materials and the administration of the course. The course is delivered as a password protected PDF attachment to an email. You will need your VGEC membership password to open the training course PDF. Purchasing the course gets the course sent to you. Actual enrollment in the training course is done with the enrollment form on page 10 of the course and requires clergy endorsement.

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<< CLERGY >> - Please contact the VGEC Training Advisor, Duke DuTeil, before purchasing a Vergers Training Course using or +1 (512) 567-7848.

Training Course Preview

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More Information or Questions

Please contact Duke DuTeil, Training Advisor, at if you have any questions or comments about the Training Course.