Should your Rector, Vicar, or Priest-in-Charge decide to commission you as a verger in your congregation, the Vergers Guild has resources you are welcome to avail yourself of..

  1. The Guild has a commissioning service that you may use as is or your rector is welcome to adapt it to the liturgical style of your congregation.

  2. You may also wish to invite vergers in your area to attend by announcing your commissioning on the VGEC Facebook page.

  3. If your commissioning is within the geographical area of one of the VGEC Board, we would like the opportunity to attend and represent the Guild if possible.

  4. You can request a Commissioning Certificate by sending an email to Make sure to include the date of your commissioning and the name of the clergy that will officiating at the commissioning. The Guild will send you a signed printable PDF certificate.