As a national organization supporting over eighteen hundred members around the world, the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church is operated and supported through the coordinated work of many volunteers.

These volunteers, organized in several active Operational Committees perform the vast majority of the work of the VGEC. Each committee has a chair and a Board liaison. The VGEC Board of Directors has oversight of the committees as they perform their work.

We are always looking for help - if you are interested in volunteering for help with these committees, please contact us at

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference Committee has the overall responsibility for current and future conferences. The committee works closely with the onsite conference host committee to plan each conference. the committee is also responsible for the recruiting host churches and on chapters for future conferences. The Annual Conference Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of the Board. Currently that is Diane Carlisle,


The Chapter Committee helps vergers in a diocese determine if the is a calling to establish a chapter in that diocese. The committee aids the vergers of diocese through the process from concept through recognition as an annual meeting of the guild. All chapter are formed within a diocese and are approved by the diocesan bishop. The chair of the Chapter Committee is Thurl Headen,


The Communications Committee manages the communication processes of the guild. They manage our Facebook page, Youtube/VergerTV, Google photo gallery, and write articles of interest to the guild members and see that those get published in a timely manner through various communication channels. the chair of the Communication Committee is Jennie Garcia,

Episcopal Relations

The Episcopal Relations Committee maintains the communication and presence of the guild with the national church. The chair of the Episcopal Relations Committee is Margaret McLarty,

General Convention

The General Convention Committee is responsible to plan, set up, and staff the Vergers Guild booth at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church held every three years. The next General Convention is in July 2022 in Baltimore, MD. The interium chair of the General Convention Committee is the VGEC President, Duke DuTeil,


The Governance Committee makes sure that the Guild and the Board operate in accordance to our By-Laws. The chair of the Governance Committee serves as the Parliamentarian at Guild and Board meetings. The chair of the Governance Committee is .........

Guild Shop

The Guild Shop Committee oversees the operation of the Guild Shop and advises the Guild Shop Manager on new products and inventory. The Guild Shop Manager is Stephen Rowe, and the Guild Shop Liaison to the Board is John Townsend,


The Marketing Committee oversee the marketing strategy of the guild.


The Membership Committee oversees the guild's membership management system. They resolve questions regarding membership renewals, parish membership inquiries, and assistance members with questions about their membership and the membership system. The Chair of the Membership Committee is the guild secretary, Natalie Brady,


The Nominations Committee has the primary responsibility of the Elections to the Board of Directors. The committee searches all year long for individuals willing to put themselves forward for election to the board. The committee supervises the nomination and election process independent of guild management. The Chair of the Nominations Commimttee is Vicki Mackey,


The Technology Committee manages all electronic technology of the Guild. Databases, Servers, Programs, and all the other stuff that none of us understand. The chair of the Technology is Scott Smith,


The Training Committee oversees the training course of the guild to include enrollments, completions, and recognitions. The committee is responsible for periodic review of the training course for potential improvements. The training advisor and chair of the Training Committee is Duke DuTeil,