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The Diocese of Dallas Chapter was formally established on 29 September 1994 with chair Don Taylor.

The VGDD chooses service projects annually that align with their charge to serve God through service to others. In 1875, the Rt. Rev. Alexander Garrett became the first Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas when he named the parish of St. Matthew as the Cathedral. Bishop Garrett is known for his extensive work as both a frontier preacher as well as teacher traveling far and wide by train, horse-drawn wagon, and on horseback spreading the Gospel with doses of humor and plain-spoken vernacular.

In 2003, vergers of the Diocese learned that the burial site of the founding Bishop had fallen into a sad state of disrepair. For many years, they have collaborated with the Knights of Columbus to volunteer to clear and maintain the grave sites of Bishop Garrett and his family. Click HERE to see photos of a recent gathering to clean the graves.


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The Vergers Guild of the Diocese of Dallas (VGDD) is a group of vergers who serve in churches throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. The chapter was formally chartered by the VGEC on September 29, 1994 at the 6th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All vergers in the Diocese of Dallas are encouraged to join but it is not required to be a verger in the Diocese. Many members of the VGDD also are members of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church and the Church of England Guild of Vergers.

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The Vergers' Guild of the Diocese of Dallas at their recent planning meeting