Purpose of the VGEC

The purpose of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church is:

  • To encourage, through the fellowship and work of the Guild, the sharing of ideas, skills and pertinent information among the members.

  • To promote communications between members of the Guild at all levels as a way of maintaining the pastoral, administrative and liturgical traditions of the office of verger in the Episcopal Church.

  • To provide mutual assistance by advice and counsel with on-the-job problems experienced by members of the Guild.

  • To organize and promote courses of training in the office of verger.

  • To foster a relationship between the clergy and vergers.

  • To make available to the membership educational materials, vestments, badges, promotional materials, and other affinity items which identify the ministry. These items are offered to support the individuals in the fulfillment of their duties and will be available for purchase through the Guild.

This statement purpose is taken from the Bylaws of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church from archives.vergers.org.