Diocese of Tennessee Chapter

Blessing of Liturgical Ministries

Was held on Saturday, March 29, 2014 9am at Christ Church Cathedral. This is the annual event supported by the Tennessee Vergers. See edtn.org/blessing-liturgical-ministries for more information about the event. The opening liturgy was webcast live on christcathedral.tv at youtube.com/watch?v=4ceAmRbhULY.

First meeting of the Tennessee Chapter

Held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 10am at Church of the Good Shepherd in Brentwood

Learn more about the "Blessing of Liturgical Ministries" event and the new Diocesan banner project. All welcome, please come! Contact Cathy Kennedy for more information.


To support vergers in the Diocese of Tennessee through local fellowship, worship, and training and to support the Diocese of Tennessee by assisting with the Annual Blessing of Liturgical Ministries.


All vergers in the Diocese of Tennessee who are members of the VGEC are automatically members of the Diocese of Tennessee Chapter. There are no dues to be in the Chapter but we do recommend that you join the VGEC. You can join the VGEC for FREE for six months to try it out!

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The Diocese of Tennessee Chapter was first mentioned in 2011.

Hosted the VGEC Annual Conference October 3-6, 2013 at Christ Church Cathedral and St. George's Episcopal Church

The Diocese of Tennessee Chapter was approved at the Annual Conference in 2013.

The Diocese of Tennessee Chapter at the

2013 Annual Conference in Nashville

The Diocese of Tennessee Chapter of the VGEC was formed at the 25th Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on October 5, 2013.


New Diocesan Banner

The new Diocesan banner is being underwritten in part by the Diocese of Tennessee Chapter. Vergers are reaching out to their churches for contributions, with most hoping their parishes will give $100, depending on size. See the front page article and color photos in the May 2014 Connections using the link at the bottom of this page. Should your parish have an event, such as the bishop's visitation or an important anniversary, you can request to use the diocesan banner. Contact the diocesan office for further details.

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