Diocese of Southeast Florida Chapter

The Diocese of Southeast Florida just had an election of new officers for the next two years. We have about 25 vergers active in this diocese. We are very proud of all our vergers in this diocese.

Our newly elected offers are: president Paul Dexter from Trinity Cathedral, Vice President, Angel Roque, St. Ambrose, Secretary A. Alexander Paulmer, Trinity Cathedral, and Carl Nissen, Treasurer, All Saint, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Our off going officers: Gloria Clausell, President, Mable Ayra, Vice President/Secretary and Edith Newbold, Treasurer.

We have an installation coming up on August 25, 2014.

See you soon and you will hear from us again.

For His Sake,

Gloria Clausell

Past President, R.K. Rollason Convocation of Vergers

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