The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church encourages the establishment of Diocesan Chapters to aid in improving local training, education, and fellowship among vergers as we continue to serve God in His Church. We have an active Chapter Development Committee ready to help you with any questions you may have about developing a new chapter or revitalizing an existing chapter. The bylaws of the VGEC speaks to chapter development in Article IX .

Starting a New VGEC Diocesan Chapter

One of the first steps in establishing a chapter would be to discuss your idea with your rector or priest-in-charge. You might discuss approaching your Diocesan office about coordinating your planning with them. Seeking the approval of your bishop is always advisable and your rector should be able to help.

Next, you might want to identify current members in your Diocese using the membership system at It has a search feature which will quickly help you find other VGEC members in your area. You might contact them by phone or email to explore common interest in a VGEC Diocesan Chapter and to put together a steering committee.

Once a steering committee has been formed, your next step might be to host an informational/training meeting at a local parish. You might send an invitation to every parish or call each parish to ascertain if there is a verger currently serving or interest in the verger ministry.

This informational/training meeting could include a VGEC Board member or member of the Chapter Development Committee. It could include a worship service and it could include food - anything to promote fellowship. We have where people interested in trying out membership in the VGEC can try it out for six months for free. We also have a number of resources that you can use within your parish and diocese. The brochures are easy to print on a black and white or color printer on normal 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

If you have questions about forming a chapter of the VGEC, please contact the Chapter Development committee at or see for more information.

History of VGEC Chapter Development

A history of the formation of VGEC chapters is available at here.