New Guild Shop Site Launched with Six Liturgical Golf Shirts

posted Sep 21, 2011, 8:03 PM by Scott Smith   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 7:36 AM ]
September 22, 2011
- The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church announced today a new online store for the Vergers' Guild Shop. This new site has more products and better photos than ever before.

Guild Shop Manager Bill Gleason reported that a new set of six liturgically-colored VGEC golf shirts is available at a reduced price. "To celebrate the launch of the new site, we're offering the new liturgically-colored set of six golf shirts for $150 through the end of 2011 which is $25 off the normal price. These shirts are great for working behind the scenes at your parish or showing your support for the VGEC anywhere you go," said Gleason. The golf shirts are also available individually for $35 each.

The new site was built on the Amazon Web Store e-commerce platform that allows the VGEC to organize and display verger-related products in a much more professional and pleasing way. The store is organized with a new department structure that includes Conference Registrations, Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, the Training Course, and a new Verger Regalia department focusing on beginner verger-related items.

According to VGEC President Margaret McLarty, "We are very pleased to have launched this new site as part of our overall web presence for the guild. Our ability to offer VGEC-branded items, conference and course registrations, and entry-level verger regalia items is very exciting for our membership. With the new site, everyone can see and explore the breadth of items that we offer much better than before."

The new site also includes the ability for purchasers to write reviews of products that they have ordered, allowing all VGEC members to learn more about the products before making purchases.

Visit the site today at