Annual Conference

Heading Southeast to Atlanta, Georgia

In October of 2017 the 29th VGEC Conference will be hosted by the Mark Emory Graham Chapter of VGEC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Registration began on January 2nd, 2017:  click here to find out more information!

About the VGEC Annual Conference

One of the most anticipated and popular activities of the Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church is our annual conference which takes place at a member parish each year.

These exciting events are normally held Thursday through Sunday in late September to mid-October. Each conference has a series of sessions that cover several topics of interest to the verger and several events that foster fellowship, learning, and worship during the weekend.

Each conference culminates with a festival Holy Eucharist with a procession of all vergers in attendance. Each conference has an official conference photo to commemorate the weekend. Photos for all past conferences are located HERE.

Complete coverage of the VGEC Annual Conference is available at - the official news blog of the VGEC.

Future Conferences

Mark your calendars now for the next three years of conferences:

2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, October 12-15
2018 in Denver, Colorado, September 20-23
2019 in the Houston, Texas area, October 24-27


2015 St. Louis, Missouri
2014 Burlington, Ontario Canada
2013 Nashville, Tennessee, 25th Annual Conferrence
2012 Lakeland, Florida
2011 Cleveland, Ohio 
2010 Washington, DC
2009 San Diego, California
2008 Burlington, Vermont 20th Annual Conference
2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico
2006 Boca Raton, Florida
2005 Sewanee, Tennessee
2004 Dallas, Texas
2003 Lexington, Kentucky, 15th Annual Conference
2002 Denver, Colorado
2001 Overland Park, Kansas
2000 Vancouver, BC Canada
1999 Jackson, Mississippi
1998 Houston, Texas, 10th Annual Conference
1997 New York City, New York
1996 Atlanta, Georgia
1995 Spokane, Washington
1994 Indianapolis, Indiana
1993 Miami, Florida, 5th Annual Conference
1992 St Louis, Missouri
1991 Phoenix, Arizona
1990 San Francisco, California
1989 Nashville, Tennessee, Inaugural Conference