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About our Site

This web site is maintained by the Communication Committee of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church. The site was built and is maintained by volunteers and very little of the Guild's budget is used to operate the site. The vast majority of the tools used are free.

Our design goals with the site are to:
  • Provide the most recent and up to date information about the Verger ministry
  • Enable fast and easy collaborative editing so that pages can be updated easily and quickly
  • Make it easy to use and navigate and easy to find what one is looking for
  • Best communicate what being a Verger is all about
  • Keep the cost as close to $0 per year as possible
  • Make it look pretty
We will continue to work to achieve these goals over time and we'll come up with new goals to implement too! Please contact us if you have any ideas or comments about the site.

Google Account

This site is built on Google Sites and we strongly encourage you to sign up for a free Google account if you do not already have one. This will make many of the features of the site easier to use. See more information about Google accounts

Help Wanted

This site takes a lot of hard work to maintain and we can use your help. If you are interested in joining the committee, click HERE for more information. We are still figuring out how the process best works so now is a great time to join us.

We need:
  • Story Writers
  • News Editors
  • Print Media Manager-design letterhead, etc
  • You name it, we need it!

Please click HERE if you would like to join the committee. 

How this site was developed

This site uses Google Sites as a content management system so that various members of the guild can update and maintain the site. We highly recommend Google web services and especially Google Sites which has made this site fairly easy to use and at a very very low cost.

The new Vergers Guild Shop Online Store is powered by Amazon Seller Services.

Atiba Software, LLC

The Guild would like to thank Scott Smith and the folks at Atiba Software for their help in building and maintaining this web site. Free of charge for the Vergers Guild, they provide DNS hosting, e-mail accounts and forwarding services, graphic design, site management, and ASP application support for the www.vergers.com site. If you have a web site project or any other technology need, please visit their web site at www.atiba.com or contact them at [email protected].