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Board of Directors

The VGEC Board of Directors at the 2018 Annual
Conference in Denver, Colorado

The VGEC Board of Directors is an active group of eleven members of the Guild who are elected or appointed. The Board is governed by the VGEC Bylaws and it operates strictly under the directions specified there.

According to Article V and Article VI of the Bylaws, the Board has nine elected members and ex-officio non-voting members. The nine elected members are each in classes of three members who each serve for three year terms. A board member may serve for six consecutive years and is not eligible to stand for election for at least one year.

Each Board member is asked to serve in a leadership role in at least one of the Operational Committees of the VGEC. The Board meets bi-monthly and as needed using the online meeting services. The Board also meets in person during the Annual Conference and once during the spring at the current year's conference location.

Those members who are interested in VGEC leadership are encouraged to join one of the Operational Committees as this is a great way to learn how the VGEC operates. We do encourage all who are interested to contact Scott Smith, president of the Board, at [email protected] to express interest in volunteering.