The 30th Annual Conference of the Vergers Guild in Denver was a brilliant discussion of The Church in the 21st Century

photo courtesy of St. John's Cathedral, Denver

      Group photo above is courtesy of St. John's Cathedral, Denver and if you use this photo please add that information.

The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church gathered Thursday, September 20 through Sunday, September 23, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, for our 30th Annual Conference in 2018!  Thank you to Saint John's Cathedral and Saint Andrew's Church, Denver, and the Barry Bowman Chapter of the VGEC who were delightful hosts. At the annual business meeting we elected three new board members, changed the bylaws, and heard about the strategic plan for the Guild. We enjoyed two widely different but sublime Evensongs, Morning Prayer using varied liturgical sources and inclusive language, and a festive Eucharist on Sunday with incense and a brass quintet. There were 130 registered vergers plus 25 guests who enjoyed Doors Open Denver along with the scheduled conference activities.

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We hope you all will join us in 2019, in late October, for a Verger Retreat at Camp Allen outside Houston, Texas. 

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